Technical Consultancy

P.L.P Technical consultancy goal is to provide independent and professional consultancy services to the oil company.

P.L.P personnel working in our technical consultancy department are permanent staff and have strong worldwide operational experience in services to oil companies. The technical consultancy business dept has thriven on the basis of a thorough hiring policy with the ultimate aim of guaranteeing the quality, integrity and the confidentiality of our personnel and services.

  1. Technical Consultancy Expertise

P.L.P has the capabilities to support companies offshore and onshore projects from start to completion in the following areas of expertise.  

Project Management Support: The qualification and the experience of P.L.P’s personnel allow us to integrate our client’s project management organization in a variety of positions such as:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Technical Manager
  • Project Engineering Manager

Project Engineering Support: Our personnel range of expertise covers mainly the installation and engineering for shallow water field development. This core expertise is complemented by capabilities in pipeline, riser and shore approach design, maintenance and inspection engineering, flow assurance, commissioning & start up. Our engineers have also contributed to the design completion phases of development project as Company Engineering Representatives.

Offshore Operations Management & Supervision: Due to their strong operational background, our personnel are able to manage and supervise efficiently, on behalf of our client, most offshore operations, including installation and reparation of pipeline, flexible risers and flow lines, control umbilical, manifolds, diving and ROV/ROT operations.

Construction Management & Supervision: Our construction specialists are acting on behalf of our clients as company site representative, yard superintendents and construction supervisor.

Health Safety & Environment: Our H.S.E specialist are acting on behalf of our clients as company representative and are in charge of the follow up of the H.S.E in our client’s contractor inspecting and controlling material, equipments and applications of the H.S.E rules in force on the working area. Some of these activities are as follow.

  • Barge and vessel Inspection
  • Crane and lifting equipment inspection
  • Implementation of the H.S.E rules
  • Control of personnel qualifications

Security Services: Due to the growing need of security services for oil and gas industry, and the possible business opportunity on this field, we decided to register PT. Prima Langkah Pratama as a services provider for these services. We had been registered since December 2003. Even if at the time being we did not yet have activities on this field, we already have joint venture with PT. D.S.T a professional security services in Indonesia in order to offer our services to the oil and gas industry.

  • Recognized Security Organization: PT. Prima Langkah Pratama – Marine Security Division is a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) for ship and Port Security related ISPS tasks. Pt. Prima Langkah Pratama would be pleased to help ship ownership managers, governments and port facilities to develop or enhance their maritime security needs. Our Maritime Security divisions experts are all former merchant ships personnel (maritime surveyors, shipmasters, PFSO), or are from Special Forces units (Naval Security, Naval Commandos). Achieving compliance with ISPS Code and supply chain security initiative:
    • Conducting ships and port facility security assessment and developing security plan.
    • PFSO, CSO, SSO training.
    • Maritime security awareness.
    • Security exercises and drills (providing regulatory maintenance).
    • Advice and Assistance with security equipment procurement
    • I.S.P.S Maritime code
  • Authorities & Community Relation Officer (ACRO): Our personnel range of expertise covers mainly in the offshore operational of oil and gas industry activities in Indonesia and as a field coordinator, advisor and supervisor. Due to their strong background, our personnel are able to manage and supervise efficiently, on behalf of our client, most of the bureaucracy in oil & gas operation. To extend these services we provide our personnel with
  • Pre Operation Survey related to the security & logistic matter.
  • The Operational of Oil and Gas Industry System
  • The Law of Mining Territory
  • Undertaking Activity
  • Undertaking of Installation
  • Legalities
  • Security
  • Coordination With the government & community
  • International Ship & Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS Code); (Ship Security Plan, Ship Security Officer, Company Security Officer, Port Facility Security Plan, Port Facility Security Officer)
  1. Technical Consultancy Services

The scope of services offered by P.L.P includes:

  • Call for tender preparation
  • Bid technical & financial analysis
  • Tender evaluation
  • Contractual follow up
  • Project engineering
  • Contractor activates coordination
  • Site Supervision
  • Pipe Line route survey
  • Field Processing, Interpretation and Evaluation
  • Supply of Skilled and Semi skilled national Personnel

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